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WMTLA Fishing Regulations

- Pole and Line Fishing only.
- These limits apply to all Wee-Ma-Tuk lakes.
Flathead - Catch and release only. They keep the carp and shad numbers low.

Redear Sunfish - No limit.

White Crappie - Limit of 15 per day.

Green Sunfish - Keep or destroy.

Black Crappie - Limit of 15 per day.

Warmouth - Keep or destroy.

Muskellunge - Catch and release only.

Bluegill -  No limit.

Bullhead - Keep or destroy.

Largemouth bass - Limit of one per day over 18". Release all others.

Carp - Keep or destroy.

Channel Catfish - Limit of 6 per day.

Shad - Keep or destroy.

Walleye - Measure and report catch to Frank Mavetz 309-224-6472. Limit one 14-18" per day.

Yellow bass - Keep or destroy.
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